Thursday, 15 July 2010


blur has an attractive UI. It has one of those menus that can be rotated using the right analogue stick, which is a purely aesthetic effect, but you still go "ooooooooh" when it happens.

It also has a very slick transition from the loading screen to the start of the race, whereby the static screenshot on the loading screen expands to fill the whole screen whilst, at the same time, it seamlessly starts to play the intro sequence.

There's just one small issue I have with it. When you're waiting for the countdown to reach 0 and the next race to start loading, unless you've been playing the game for a while and have learned all the tracks by name, then the only clue as to what kind of track you'll be racing on was the brief moment of voting for the next one. There's no track preview to see the layout, until you get to the loading screen, by which point it's too late anyway if you want to change your vehicle.

It just seems strange to me that a game as well polished as blur would have such a glaring oversight in the multiplayer lobby.

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